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The Welfare Fund will no longer accept the old two-sided Short Term Disability Form. Please find the new form on the forms page or click here.

Attention All Local 701 Member working at employers that provide your Medical Insurance Benefits
The Welfare Fund Office has recently requested information regarding social security numbers from every member who has Medical Benefits through the Fund and who has dependents- spouses are dependents under the Plan.

This information is required by Federal Law and must be completed including full names, social security numbers, and birthdates of everyone in your family. The form also must be signed at the bottom.

This is the final notice of this mailing. BENEFITS WILL BE SUSPENDED ON SEPTEMBER 15, 2009 IF THE COMPLETED FORM IS NOT RECEIVED BY THE FUND OFFICE. You have the option of mailing the form, bringing in the form, faxing the form to 708-482-4242, or emailing the form to

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Welfare Fund at (708) 482-0110.
Thank You for your cooperation in this matter.

CMS Form

Summary of Material Modification
2 @ Retail, Then Mail
Effective July 1, 2009

For any maintenance medication purchased starting on July 1, 2009, you can fill the original prescription for maintenance drugs and then one refill at your local retail pharmacy. After the one refill at your local pharmacy you will then be required to use the informedMail mail order service for any future refills. This program is being implemented to help you and the Fund save money on the rising cost of prescription drugs. You will save money on your maintenance medications by having them delivered to your home through informedRx’s mail order pharmacy, informedMail. Medications for acute or short-term use will still be available at your local retail pharmacy. informedMail offers an easy, cost-effective and convenient way to receive your maintenance medications. With informedMail, you can receive up to a 90-day supply of prescription medication delivered to your home, office or any location of your choosing. Read the full notice

The Maintenance Drug List

Important Information About Your Medical Benefits
Effective June 1, 2009

Dear Participant:
As Trustees of the Automobile Mechanics’ Local No. 701 Union and Industry Welfare Fund, we are committed to providing you and your eligible dependents with the best possible benefits. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance your coverage whenever possible, we have made some important changes to your medical benefits effective June 1, 2009. Medical Benefit Improvements In order to help ensure your dependent children receive appropriate preventive and wellness health care benefits, the Fund has increased the well baby care maximum and added a new well child care benefit. Benefits are payable for services received in accordance with guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). For more information on the AAP’s recommendations for preventive pediatric health care, log on to and type in “preventive” in the search window.
  • Increased Lifetime Maximum Benefit for Well Baby Care. The lifetime maximum the Plan pays for well baby care, up to age two, has increased from $1,000 to $2,000 per child.
  • Added Well Child Care Benefit. The Plan pays $150 per year for well child care for eligible dependent children age two and over.

The Plan will pay 80% of covered PPO expenses and 70% of non-PPO expenses incurred for both well baby and well child care, up to the maximum. These expenses are not subject to the Plan’s deductible. Covered services include physical examinations, immunizations, screenings, and lab tests. Please keep this notice with your Summary Plan Description for future reference. If you have questions about these Plan enhancements, please contact the Fund Office.

The Board of Trustees

Printable Copy of the SMM Well Baby-Well Child

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